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is a modern facility designed to promote excellence in outpatient vein care. Our practice stands firmly on the principle of exceptional patient care and we work tirelessly to bring the best treatment options for each individual patient.

Over 70 million Americans suffer from venous disease. For many years the patients with venous disease were underdiagnosed or ignored by the medical community and/or were given only limited treatment options that were ineffective.

We offer the latest, minimally invasive and most comprehensive vein treatments available that no longer require hospitalization or any recovery time. Patients can expect to feel immediate improvement after the treatment and may return to work the same day.

Venous disease causes much suffering from leg fatigue, itching, pins-and-needles-like sensation, dull aches, spontaneous leg movements, edema and leg cramping. If left untreated it causes spider veins, varicose veins and darkened skin changes around the ankle. In severe cases it may even lead to skin hardening and venous stasis ulceration.

From the first day of visitation patient would be offered initial consultation including vein ultrasound and treatment options.
We use the new and minimally invasive treatment under ultrasound guidance to endovenously apply laser or Radio-frequency energy to the diseased vein resulting in resolution of leg discomfort and the varicose veins. We offer the latest anesthetic technique to bring nearly painless treatment experience for our patients.

More than 80% of vein treatments are covered by the health insurances. The Medicare among many other insurances cover the treatments with minimal out of pocket cost for the patients.

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